Get Freedom

If you are reading this site you probably feel it. You know what it is like.

What am I talking about?

Being a slave to Lust.

It owns you. Even when you tell yourself you’re doing fine, you know it’s back there waiting, lurking, keeping a short chain on you so you don’t get far. You know it and you see it in your own eyes when you look in the mirror. You have no life, no joy because you know, when it calls you’ll be there and you will answer because you always do.

We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to anymore. THERE IS FREEDOM. You just have to want it and it’s yours.

You think that it might be true for anyone else but not you.

That’s a lie. Check out the “Can I Be Free?”” section.

The Bible is clear: through Jesus anyone can be free from anything.

Take back your manhood. Stand up for yourself. Be your own man, the one Jesus Christ created. Live again. Be able to look people in the eye knowing you have nothing to hide. Be FREE. You can have it.

The only thing stoping you from being free is….you.

This is what the conference is all about. Come to A conference. Host a conference. Get the DVD or CDs. It will take a weekend, but it’s a weekend that will change your life.

So let’s get to it. No one fights alone. You are among brothers who have been where you are and have seen freedom. We know what it takes and what the struggles are. We’ve been throuhg the fight and have seen victory. Let us show you how.